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Frequently Asked Questions

I am facing hair loss due to medical treatment. Is it best to come in before my hair falls out, or even before chemotherapy or radiation begins?


Yes, absolutely! It's easier if you come in when you are not in a panic situation or rush mode, so you can make a wise decision that you will be comfortable with as the need grows. This also gives me an opportunity to see how you now prefer to wear your hair.


Do I need an appointment?


Yes, it is best to have an appointment to make certain that you will be able to be seen when you walk in. If you just walk in, there is a good chance that I will be busy with another guest.


What will my hairpiece or wig cost?


There are many variables in the cost, depending upon the construction of the hairpiece and many elements of what you choose: synthetic or human hair, hair quality and length, and the quality of the base itself. Our wigs and hairpieces start out at $150 and go up from there, depending on what you select.


Will my new hair (wig or hairpiece) look natural?


Yes! Depending upon what you choose, it will look very natural. We can match your hairstyle and hair color, and I will personally customize the cut and style for you.  Your family and friends will think it's your own hair ... absolutely!


Is there a cost for your consultation?


No — we do our consultations at no charge.  During your consultation, you will find out about your entire range of choices. You will also be able to try on hairpieces and wigs and learn more about price ranges and costs. You have no obligation during or after the consultation, and there's no pressure to buy.


Can I come in on an evening or Saturday?


Yes! Call us to make an appointment — (218) 236–6000.


What if I don't want to wear a full wig?


We have hair-replacement choices for those who only need hair in a certain area, especially on the top of the head. These hairpieces are very lightweight and very natural.


Do you offer both human hair and synthetic wigs?


Yes, we have both human hair and synthetic wigs ... plus several other hair types in high-quality manmade fiber.


Do you maintain an inventory of wigs and hairpieces that I try on?


Yes, I have a very large inventory. Many times we are able to choose one right from our stock. In that case, you may even be able to go home with one on the same day.  In case, we need to order, it usually only takes two to three days to receive.


Do you help work with men as well as women?


Yes, we have many choices for both men and women. We also have many younger clients — some as young as elementary school.


Will our conversations and consultation be private?


Yes, absolutely. Your entire relationship with Centre for Hair and Wellness is treated with the greatest confidentiality.

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