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Violet Deilke


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She has been a volunteer for over 25 years with Look Good ... Feel Better, a program promoting self-care and self-esteem among patients facing hair loss and other side- effects of cancer treatment. In January 2010, Violet was honored with the National Service Award of Look Good ... Feel Better. A collaboration of the Personal Care Products Council and the American Cancer Society, the program's directors presented the award at the National Convention of the Professional Beauty Association / National Cosmetology Association in San Diego, Calif.


Whether you're facing medical-related hair loss (including cancer treatment), alopecia or male- or female-pattern balding, you can choose from our full range of excellent wigs and other hair replacement alternatives ... hair integrations and hair prostheses (wigs) of many kinds, including synthetic and human-hair wigs as well as Cyberhair.


You’re always welcome to visit Violet at the Centre for Hair and Wellness when you are ready to investigate the whole range of alternatives and choices. Your visit will be completely confidential and private, and there’s no obligation. To make an appointment,

call 218-236-6000.

Violet Deilke, the owner of Fargo - Moorhead’s Centre for Hair and Wellness, has been helping men and women of all ages throughout the Upper Midwest cope with the challenges of hair loss for over 25 years. She specializes in working with people facing hair loss from all kinds of causes -- cancer therapy, alopecia, trichotillomania and other causes related to illness, autoimmune disorders and the thinning that often comes with aging.

Violet Deilke